The sessions for the 9th IMSTEC will cover all areas of inorganic membranes, polymeric membranes, membrane science, membrane fabrication and modification, and membrane applications in a broad variety of areas such as filtration, distillation, desalination and biological separations. Included will be engineering and technologies from the latest innovations in synthesis, characterisation, processing and modeling to the advanced applications of membranes in health, energy and sustainability as well as future materials and devices.

The current proposed sessions and session chairs are:

Serial No. Session Session Chairs
1. Gas separations Matthew Hill, Aaron Thornton
2. Pervaporation vapour separation and membrane distillation Mikel Duke
3. Membrane development and characterisation Keith Andes, Matthias Wessling
4. Advances in MF and UF membranes Hip Le, Andrew Groth
5. Advances in NF and RO membranes Sheng Dai, Mike Dixon
6. Novel materials and surface modifications Suzana Periera Nunes, Amanda Ellis
7. Engineered osmosis Huanting Wang, Ho Kyong Shon, Pierre Le-Clech
8. Electrically enhanced membrane operations Namita Choudhury, Linda Zou
9. Membrane bioreactors Pierre Le-Clech, Sophie Leterme, Vigi Vigneswaran
10. Membrane fouling Tony Fane, Emile Cornelissen, Sophie Leterme
11. Water and waste water treatment Dharma Dharmabalan, Mark Newland
12. Wine, food and dairy application Mike Duke, Milena Ginic-Markovic, Sandra Kentish
13. Application in mining industry and agriculture Ho Kyong Shon, Neil Palmer, Stephen Gray